Clauser studied literature, heard art history, received his doctorate on semiotics of theater, worked as a dramaturg and author. Images and imagination fascinated him early on. Later he was privately trained by artists (HDK Berlin). Collages, material studies with wood and stone, working with Japanese paper, scenario drafts emerged. For some years he co-curated an art gallery in Munich as well as exibitions in Berlin. Having set up a studio in Liguria he devides his time between Italy and Berlin.

Clauser starts working with found natural materials:
wood, spices, colours, pushing them into new directions to create imaginary landscapes in any form.
Inspiration for the inner eye.
He has a strong interest for broken lines, a search for interfaces of macrocosm & microcosm, the twisting dance of Ying/Yang.
His artistic compass includes personal memories, experiences,
together with a vibrating awarness of environments and historical contexts.
Scanning of works allow a variety of digital formats & editions.

5-Natura naturans. V


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