Museo aperto: like opera aperta, works are open to all kind of reception. Images can start on every place, material and colour. Categories and labels will be transformed. Art is free to play with any rules.

Project „Hommage à Monet“, 6 Panels a 240cm x 12 cm to be installed in a single room

Pan#6 35x15cm

Pan#2 35x15cm

Pan#3 35x15cm

Pan#4 35x15cm

Pan#5 35x15cm

Pan#6 35x15cm

Details from project „Hommage à Monet“

Panorama#2 Ausschn 1 Druck1

Panorama#1 Ausschn1 Druck1

La barca delle rose

I-020 La barca delle rose

Ceres reloaded

I-030 Ceres reloaded